Poetry in Words, in Song, in Living

As in everything else, poetry just seems to come easily to some folks. It's like learning to love. You practice giving, sharing and caring until you find that love seems to just flow all situations, until those around you no longer see you having to work at love but rather just becoming and then being a loving person. Poetry is much the same; you practice until it begins to simply flow of its own accord. The upkeep of poetic talents and love itself are much the same; regular practice helps keep it all happening.

Okay, so maybe it's not all as easy as that. But, I hope you get the idea and understand what I'm trying to say.

Here is a good, proven and practical recipe for creating reasonably acceptable poetry:
  • take a thought about something you would like to express
  • add a few words, carefully selected for their intent and depth
  • blend with sufficient additional words to develop the desired flow, cadence or tempo
  • improve upon it with your next attempt
Sounds simple enough, huh? Try it sometime, especially the last part. If it seems to come easily to you, odds are there is a talent that may have been overlooked. If not, all is not lost. Just work at it until the words seem to appear of their own will. If that doesn't work either, all is still not lost.

Maybe your talent is in enjoying the imagery created by writers in general and/or poets in particular. The idea is the same as to enjoy watching, shall we say, a well matched set of teams playing football. Do you have to be able to actually engage in full contact with linemen or run downfield to catch a rifled long ball for the goal to just enjoy watching football? Of course not.

The same logic likely applies to all forms of art. Some have the gift of creating art forms in images, sounds or words. Many more have the gift of appreciation, of being able to enjoy art in different forms. Again, sounds simple enough, huh? Well, sure it is!

I'm still developing some pages to present portions of my poetry and songs. Links to each will be available here when ready. If you would like to be be notified when that happens instead of just waiting, send email and I'll let you be among the first to know.

I have a bunch of my writings online already, but am reformulating them to fit in the context of CSS and XHTML web pages.

As to writings in general, I also created, developed, produced and distributed specialized tabloid and broadsheet newspapers. Starting as a means of finding employment, it quickly grew into a full time occupation for several years. Upwards of 15,000 copies of some editions were printed and distributed in 300+ locations throughout the northern third of New York. I know some made it to the West Coast, others to the Middle East and U.S service men & women stationed there. It was a lot of fun, and very satisfying to me.

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