Images: Photography, Sketches, Design & More

Photography has been a part of my life since I was young; everywhere, I find something of interest. There are certain themes and places I have revisited over the years, but sometimes in recapturing the essence of a scene it is found to have aged and expanded in that essence in unforseen and unexpected ways. Sometimes pleasantly. Sometimes, not so much.

The approximately 95-100k digital images of photographs, poster designs, hand drawn graphics and more that I have placed online over the past six years alone stand as a testament to that fact - especially the photographs and their derivatives. Of thousands of earlier, printed photographs taken over decades I have only a few hundred remaining. Attribute that to time and circumstance. But as to whether or not all my photographs were of good quality is unquestionable; they certainly were not.

Still, there are possibly hundreds of images, either as standard print or digital originals or their derivatives, that I have chosen to leave online as examples of my work. Out of any hundred images, two or three might be considered reasonably good. Truly noteworthy images are rarities understood by professional photographers. So much for discussion of my general photographic output.

The former repository for my online images (, a website of several years in development, has now been dismantled and is now longer available for viewing. The most popular and/or frequently viewed collections of images previously warehoused there may possibly be moved to this site.

As (or if) the move progresses, the images I feel are of better quality will be linked from this page. The background image seen here is of an October sunrise over Lake Bonaparte in Lewis County, New York. The autumn tranquility of the lake is an intoxicant that needs to be experienced for several continuous days around the clock (on the water, of course!) to be best appreciated. In the foreground is what I consider (as much in jest as in fact) the "front porch" of my occasional office and working studio, a 35+ year old, 23' Aquarius sailboat.

In recent years, watercolor painting is again calling to me. The enjoyment of translating my thoughts and written works to visual art I find as rewarding as the company of close friends. I prefer simple approaches to colorful creations, but we'll see what develops.

Thanks for stopping by. I may offer links to more info and available images as schedules and opportunity allow.

All portions of and related websites © Leonard L. Hamilton Jr. Background image taken at dawn on Lake Bonaparte, NY, October 2008.