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For more information about anything found on this website, please contact me personally via:
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  • USPS - c/o Evans Mills Community Church, 8673 Church Street, Evans Mills NY 13637
  • Phone - (315) 629-4800 (Church phone with link to my cell phone number)
I currently don't travel as often as I'd like, but that will change this year. I try often to get around to special community events or to meet with friends around the beautiful Adirondack, North Country & Thousand Islands regions of New York. I canoe or go sailing when time and weather give me the opportunity on Lake Bonaparte, Black River Bay or Lake Ontario, and hope to spend a few weeks in 2011 enjoying a waterborne view of this state's fabulous Finger Lakes and the shores of Lake Champlain. Maybe a canoe/camping adventure along the Erie Canal....?

While some additions and updates are often made to this site, the best idea is to send email and I'll let you know when changes occur. Although it's still in development, all viewers are welcomed, all opinions are encouraged, and all responses will be considered carefully. I'd like to grow my online community and work with other folks with goals similar to my own.

So break out yer ol' guitar, grab some usable paint brushes, get a pen & paper & thesaurus, put some fresh batteries in that new digital camera and make sure it has plenty of memory to store your images, and get out there! At the end of the day there just might be a quick check to see what you've created, taught to others and/or learned for yourself. I hope we can take for granted the fact that you'll teach someone a little bit about yourself before this evening, and maybe help them get started on looking at life in a few new ways!

There is a real art to life and love. I pray you become well versed in each, thanking God for His gifts along the way.

May the peace of the Lord be to you always, my friends!

    - Len

A few new sites are almost always in the works and may be linked from or posted here occasionally. So, just check back from time to time or send email to be updated as things occur. No spam or other emails will be sent to you, I promise! Have a great day!

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