I am just a man...

About Myself

I am just a man who, at the age of 40, became a sinner saved by grace through Christ Jesus, accepting Him as my Savior in 1989. For everyone, the road from birth to death has twists and turns that may offer portals to true salvation but my own road is what finally led me home with Jesus. Though I am basically still the same person I always strived to be, I no longer seek to live for myself but instead live to bring praise and glory to God and my Savior. And, I know my future is secure. Life is gentler now, with real peace and understanding. You, too, can have eternal life and know the peace of God's provision for all who believe and trust in His only begotten Son, Jesus.

My travels up until 2009 have roamed across North America from Canada to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the southern California coast, through the northern plains and almost everywhere in the amazing regions of the South. I've marveled at the majesty of Mt. Rushmore, was dumbstruck at the stark beauty and extremes of the Badlands, fished the Everglades and traveled the Florida Keys, adventured in the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos and sailed coastal Carolina and Lake Ontario solo. Witnessed the incredible spectacle of the Northern Lights along the St. Lawrence River & feasted on Lousiana shrimp with bayou country friends. I commonly find endless opportunities for adventure, and strongly urge you to get out while you can and see what awaits you everywhere.

In the 1960's, '70's and 80's, attended performances by well-known music legends, sometimes with friends in our own groups playing on the same stages in Virginia, Maryland, Florida and North Carolina (although 24 hours earlier or later) as Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Doors, Joplin, Dylan, Blood Sweat & Tears, John Prine, Allman Brothers and others. I've felt the fixed gaze of audiences caught up in a moment of musical fascination, humbled by the chance to be an image that some would long remember and envy.

Late in 1989 at public tv station WHRO in Norfolk, VA, I was thrilled to share a bit of my own original music while seated at the touring Steinway grand piano of then-recently deceased master virtuoso Vladimir Horowitz. I had a few moments and simply (and in a comparatively hammer-handed fashion) sounded out notes to my own composition that never sounded better --- and not to my ear only.

To lesser extents, for many years I have sung and played my own six-stringed works almost everywhere the road has led. For me, playing live was always just for fun. Nowadays most of my musical compositions are Gospel-flavored folk stylings & ballads. It's still fun because celebrity for me always wore dusty shoes and didn't become something I had to have to find satisfaction.

I served as a volunteer for over six weeks with a Florida Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Unit as a food warehouse manager at Cutler Ridge within days of Hurricane Andrew's attack. Experiencing ministry with thousands of Christ-motivated people has an extraordinary effect on one's outlook. A few years later
I was chosen as first chairman of Save The Buckley Building, a diverse group of local businesses and citizens dedicated to preserving the Robertsonian Romanesque-styled historic structure from the wrecking ball. It is once again a vital part of the Black River villages of Carthage and West Carthage, NY. "Getting involved" is worthwhile and satisfying.

My custom designed websites and various publications, especially newspapers, have known thousands of followers and readers. Copies of my online sports and travel images in tens of 1,000s have been downloaded by sports fans and collectors. One particular newspaper and website I developed and personally operated to promote a small NASCAR-affiliated speedway enjoyed over 30,000 distributed print copies and over 550,000 web visitors respectively per month. Broadly pleasing, I met and gained new friends with every step.

A few of my personal web domains include GospelWord.org and NewSites, registered in May of 1997. LenHamilton.com for the most part just shares my outlook on photography, art, writings, music & poetry, faith, life and such. "What I do" is basically a result of the roads I've traveled, but never for fame or love of money; it's simply who I am.

There is much that I am proud to have achieved and been a part of thus far, but not for personal recognition. The freedom to be who I am, privately,
is commonly my strongest motivator. I have always lived modestly, caring more to find ways to encourage and assist friends. But don't be mislead; I'm not universally respected or admired. Three failed marriages should be sufficient proof on that point.

So much for myself and the life that God has allowed to me thus far. Like the apostle Paul, through Jesus I now know I can do anything that strengthens me in the LORD God. There's a lot more I want to do and see: Life is for living and sharing, right? What are you doing about things that interest you?  I would honestly be interested in hearing from you about your accomplishments and future plans.

All portions of LenHamilton.com and related websites © Leonard L. Hamilton Jr. Background image taken at dawn on Lake Bonaparte, NY, October 2008.