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A Brief Note About the Purpose of "ccchurch":

More than a few folks have asked why we named it the "ch-ch-church website."
We'll explain for those who missed it the first time around. It's actually pretty easy to understand.

Have you ever noticed how some folks are reluctant to talk about their church and what it believes?
Those who kind of choke up when they get to the parts about how faithfully it follows Christ's lead and commands?

That shouldn't happen, but it does, and it's common for those folks to feel marginalized by their fellows,
who act as if they alone are "the church". Often it involves their leaders, too.

So for those who feel they aren't really connected to the Spirit in their local
fellowship or church (whatever it may be called), we present this ch-ch-church website.

It really is pretty easy to understand, right? Sure!

Followers of Jesus who are growing in the knowledge of God will understand this.
Many others have a need to learn of this.

We hope you have a great day in praising the Lord, openly and without hesitation!

How much time is left before Jesus' return?

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